Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum

World symbol of the Holocaust and World War II. The Museum was established in 1947, consists of two integral parts: the former main camp in Oswiecim (KL Auschwitz I Stamlager) and the former camp in Birkenau (KL Auschwitz II- Birkenau). The only concentration camp on the UNESCO World Heritage List

Chevra Lomdei Mishnayot Synagogue

Jewish Museum

The synagogue, which after World War II once again serves a sacred function. Visitors can also visit the museum section, which presents the history of the Oświęcim Jews, who made up half of the population of pre-war Oświęcim.

It is located on the site of a former trading square

Market Square in Oświęcim

It is located on the site of the former market square of medieval Oświęcim. The old wooden buildings were destroyed by fire and replaced by brick tenements. Notable among them is the Ślebarski tenement house from the early 19th century, now the seat of the District Court. The Oświęcim Town Hall was built in the years 1872-1875, and bears the features of a classic Gothic building. Every day at noon, a bugle call is played from here, featuring the first four bars of the Oświęcim polonaise by Aleksander Orłowski.


The building was erected in the Middle Ages

Castle in Oświęcim

The building was erected on top of a hill in the Middle Ages. Remnants of the defensive walls have survived to this day, and under the castle there are two tunnels: the older one (built before 1914) and another one dug by the Germans, formerly used as an air-raid shelter. The castle tower is one of the oldest brick buildings in Małopolska and the highest surviving Gothic wall in Poland.

Salesian Church of Our Lady of the Assumption of the Faithful

St. Jacek Chapel

The church was built on the ruins of a 14th century Gothic church of the Dominican Order. The original wooden structure was often destroyed by fire, and after the dissolution of the order by the Austrian Emperor Joseph II in 1782, the abandoned temple deteriorated. In 1898 the building was taken over by the Salesians from Turin, who started to rebuild the church. The old furnishings of the church have not been preserved, but a copy of the Turin painting of Mary Help of Christians from 1907 can be seen here. The only preserved building from the Dominican monastery complex in Oświęcim is the former chapter house, and since 1594 - the chapel of St. Jacek Odrowąż.

Cycling trail, running along the Vistula River

The Vistula Cycle Route.

A cycling route running along the Vistula River, connecting the Beskids (beginning at Czerniański Lake, at the confluence of the Czarna and Biała Wisełka Rivers) with the Baltic Sea (the trail ends in Gdańsk) . The main route and regional and local liaison sections count approximately 1200 km in total - it is the longest bicycle route in Poland. It connects objects of high natural, cultural and historical value.

The enclosure contains not only the largest mammals

European bison enclosure in Pszczyna

In the enclosure there are not only the largest mammals in Europe - European bison - but also many others: mouflons, deer, roe deer, fallow deer and mallard ducks, red-breasted cassowaries, barnacle geese, swans and Indian peacocks. The enclosure is equipped with educational boards that inform visitors about the history of the species.

Historical mine


We recommend a trip to the famous historical salt mine.

The picturesque Kruki Lakes


Near the guesthouse there is a picturesque place where the Soła River flows into the Vistula River, ideal for keen anglers. Another place is Kruki Lake in Oświęcim. They are artificial reservoirs with water flowing from the Soła river. Another interesting place for anglers is a fishery suitable for organizing competitions - the Dwory canal. It is located in the eastern district of Oświęcim (towards Zator). Nature lovers and those who are passionate about photography have a unique opportunity to see, or capture on a photographic film, extremely rare bird species. While staying on the grounds of Oswiecim you can meet in their natural environment: Slepowron, Podgorzałek, Helmiatek, or Tern Białowąsa.

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